Round Table Cover – 70 Inches in Size

Do you dread the festive holiday decoration chore? Do you hate all the cheap, tacky, glittery and cutesy models of angels and Santa? Well, I’m with you all the way! I’m going to give you some tasteful ideas about how you can be festive and subtle in your holiday decor.

First of all, don’t be tempted into buying a special holiday table. You can use a 70 inch round table cover to completely change the theme of your dining area, from day to day to any type of holiday fun. There are many types of 70 inch round table cover to choose from. Some people like to have a rich dark red 70 inch round table cover, which warms up the décor of the room or a dark green which echoes the color of holly and Christmas trees. On the other hand, to please your children, you can get a brightly patterned 70 inch round table cover with a Santa design or printed with holly and other Christmas motifs.

When you have set your new 70 inch round table cover on the table, you will need to consider the napkins. You can be bold and use a complete contrast to your 70 inch round table cover, such as dark green napkins on a red table cover, if you want to make an impact, or choose a color that matches well with the cloth. If your 70 inch round table cover is a riot of Christmas patterns, you can use white napkins so that you don’t get sensory overload!

As well as dressing up your table with a special 70 inch round table cover, you can get creative and tie red or green ribbon around the table legs and make them into lovely bows. I also put colored ribbon bows around the backrest of my dining chairs and this is a tasteful way to create a more old-time, traditional Christmas theme.

Now comes the time to add some table ornaments on top of the 70 inch round table cover and one of my favorites is a group of candle-sticks that I bought one by one in a variety of second-hand stores years ago. I sprayed them all with gold paint, and I have them all filled with plain, white candles, which we light in the evening and you’d be amazed what a lovely Christmas atmosphere they produce.

I like to have a pretty centre decoration on my 70 inch round table cover and to make things simple, I pop into my local arts and crafts store, and buy some good quality artificial flowers which are quite easy to arrange into a lovely decoration for the table. These stores have plenty of choice and an arrangement of poinsettias or other flowers, will look both tasteful and festive on your 70 inch round table cover.

You don’t have to cram every available surface with Christmas novelties to turn your home into a welcoming and warm holiday house. With just the right 70 inch round table cover, some ribbons and flowers, and a few old-style candlesticks giving out a soft light, you can transform your home without spending a fortune.